Carina's Backproblems have Diminished

I attended my first course a couple of years ago but it's not until now, at the Summer Course that I start to understand what Qigong actually is and what we can get from practising.

Problems with Back and Hips

I've had problems with my back and hips for a long time. When I attended the basic course I had quite some pain in my back. I hadn't seen my masseur or chiropractor in a while. But already on the first day of the course, my back improved significantly. Like magic, something happened. It was like a miracle.

Calmer and Happier

My back is much stronger. My standing posture is much better. I keep myself upright in a way I couldn't do before and I walk easier than before. I'm also calmer, happier and less stressed.

Carina's backproblems have diminished I hope Qigong will be good for my asthma and after reading the reports from the project with the asthma- and allergy association I think it will. Doctors recommended me to be on sick leave for 50 percent because of my impaired hearing but I work full time anyway. I think Qigong will help me to manage my every day life, to get more energy.

Su Dongyue's lectures inspire me a lot. You shouldn't give up. Instead you should fight against your problems, think positive even if it feels difficult. Practising gets so much easier then and the results got even better.

Natural High

It's great with all the issues that Qigong can solve. And it's lovely to see everybody getting improvements. Not to speak of all the lovely people at the Summer Course. Everybody socialises with each other. Like a big family. If I get to feel as good as I'm doing here at the Summer Course it's fantastic. It's a natural high. And if I keep on practising regularly I have a chance to do so. The training must be maintained for the effects to stay. But the training is so simple. It's such an easy tool to keep healthy and well-being. I just can't not practise. It's a habit you don't want to live without. I recommend everybody to practice Qigong.

Carina Åslund