Mira's fibromyalgia disappeared

My troubles started with constipation following childbirth in 1986, the sleep problems began in 1996. Three years later, in 1999, the muscles in my neck and shoulders started to become stiff and tense, it felt like training soreness. In 2001, I received acupuncture from a physiotherapist for several months at my work, but I got even worse. My body swelled up and the muscle pains spread all over me. The pains were so severe that I found it difficult to walk.

I changed my job and I stopped working during the period of notice, but I felt worse. After some time at the new job they recommended me to see the doctor. By that time my whole body was swollen and I had severe pains. The pains that once started in the muscles had increased gradually and now they had also spread to the joints. I was given steroid injections in the lower back, which at first made me feel much worse. Later my pains returned to the same level as before the injections. Although I found eating difficult, I gained weight from sixty to almost eighty kilos.

I was declared totally unable to work in 2002

I was declared totally unable to work in the autumn of 2002. I also had anxiety attacks. Whenever someone approached me, my body became stiff and I felt like choking. The anxiety had several symptoms and I also had severe headaches. I felt like a failure, I was unhappy and I now had great difficulty walking because of the pains moving around in my whole body. My complexion had a purple tone and I could not stand hot baths. I ate very little, mostly just liquids, because otherwise this feeling of choking returned. I also had difficulty talking because of trouble with my jaws.

Mira's fibromyalgia disappeared

Diagnosed with fibromyalgia

In the spring of 2003, I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and later also with pelvic pain and I was sent to Rehabilitation where I received treatment individually and in groups for six weeks. For about one year, I also felt like my legs were paralytic and insensitive. I had constant pains, insomnia, nausea, I felt freezing cold and I often felt numb in different parts. Furthermore I had problems with my memory, powers of concentration and I was dreadfully tired, as well as depressed and anxious. The medication did not help. I participated in mental training for a total of sixteen weeks. Although I received some help to manage the pains, all these efforts did not lessen the actual pains. Most of my pains were in the joints and my muscles were very tense. After several years of deterioration there was talk about my early retirement, which I did not want. As a last resort, my employer recommended me to try Zhineng Qigong. About the same time somebody recommended me to try Chinese acupuncture, which I had for four or five times and I felt physically a little better with each time, regarding the pains as well as the swellings in my body.

Much better after the first weekend course in Hold Qi Up

In the autumn of 2004, I participated in my first weekend course in Hold Qi Up. Normally I found it difficult to stand up for more than a few seconds without feeling faint and I had to hold on to something, but here, to my surprise, I could stand on my feet all the time. I immediately felt that Zhineng Qigong was good for me. Already after the first weekend course, the pains were less and I could move better, stand much better and the feeling of choking was gone. The difficulties with eating, drinking and talking, which I had had since 2001 disappeared during the first weekend course. After some time, my pains were completely gone. Since then, I have continued to practise Qigong regularly, twice a day.

Gradually I resumed my work about one month after the weekend course

About one month after my first weekend course, I started working part-time and gradually I scaled it up to full-time work. Since early 2005, I have been working full-time. I continued to lose weight. My long-term constipation improved already after the first weekend course and today the symptoms are completely gone. Even my sleep improved a lot when I started to practise Qigong. Another result is that I do not catch colds anymore. At the first signs of a cold, I do a little extra Qigong training in the evening and it disappears.

Happy and positive - constant development on all levels

Today I understand that before I unconsciously abused my body. I was too nice to people and I did not speak up for myself, I often felt guilty. Today I smile when people are unkind to me, whereas before I started to cry. Before I could not look at something sad, such as the news on television because it would make me break into tears. Before I could not stop my thoughts from whirling, while today I am in much better control. I feel that I am developing all the time and that I am understanding my needs. Today I am very happy and positive, I have matured and I can cope with any problems. I am calm and collected, I like myself and I feel more beautiful than ever. I even feel that I am slowing down my aging process thanks to Zhineng Qigong.

I try to join each group training that is organized in my hometown, which feels great. If I skip practice for one day, I would miss it, but the fibromyalgia symptoms do not return.

I am sure it is thanks to Zhineng Qigong that my troubles and my disease disappeared. Already after the first weekend course everything felt much better.

Mira Rasic