Lorna feels younger and have more energy

My first weekend training was in March 2007 in Norwich. I knew very little about qigong but I 'fell in love' with the practice and had a strong feeling that it was what I needed. I decided there and then to attend the 9 day Summer course in Sweden in the June. I have tried things like Yoga and Tai Chi over the years and though I enjoyed the classes I have never had the discipline to practice at home. Suddenly, here was something that I wanted to do every day!

Future ill health

Before I attended that first weekend training I thought of myself as a basically healthy person. However, I was aware of my tendency to work much too hard so that I did not have a good work/life balance. I think I knew that I was storing up the possibility of future ill health. There were also some relatively minor health issues including some back problems for which I frequently saw an osteopath and latterly an osteomyologist. In addition I had fairly frequent problems with my kidneys and some pain in my joints. Perhaps I was not really as healthy as I thought.

Fantastic quality of my sleep

After that first weekend I needed to sleep a great deal but the quality of my sleep was fantastic. I had never slept so deeply and felt so refreshed on waking. It was as if my body was recovering from many years of overwork.

Lorna feels younger and have more energy

Pain in knee disappeared and body more flexible

Other health benefits have emerged over the last 2 years. My kidneys are much healthier and my joint pains are lessening. I had a problem with my left knee, which disappeared after I learned to stand correctly. My back pain has improved. My posture has improved and my body is more flexible so that I feel younger and more energetic. I continue to sleep extremely well but now I need fewer hours and have very good energy levels as well as more stamina. If I have a (rare) infection or am affected by stress, I recover much faster than before.

Better balance in life

Importantly, my work/life balance has greatly improved. Rather than keep going (as if fuelled only by adrenaline) I now know when to stop and rest. I feel that I am no longer damaging myself with work habits and in consequence my life has improved.

My patience has improved and I think that I am more tolerant and compassionate toward those around me.

Qigong like a "health insurance"

I am so pleased and grateful to have found Zhineng Qigong and believe that I have a tool for enhancing my life still further; it is my 'health insurance' as I get older! I am excited by the possibility of even greater physical and emotional well-being as I continue to practice and attend courses.