Qigong made Anne-Grethe stronger and healthier

I attended my first course in Hold qi up in Bergen, Februari 2009. I started to practise because I had an aspiration to improve my back problems. Because of them I've been sick-listed for one and a half years. The problems started in my back and shortly after they spread to my pelvis, hips, knees and neck. Due to the pain I've periodically been confined to bed and sometimes having trouble moving my left foot. My balance was bad and I had to use the wall for support when walking. Every thing I did was a challenge and I feared not being able to take care of myself. Many experts tried to figure out what has been wrong with me. I've been to doctors, physiotherapists, a personal trainer, a healer, an acupuncturist, pulse diagnosis and so forth. No one succeeded in helping me. I got momentary improvements just to get worse again.

The Summer Course Became a Turning Point.

During my first weekend course I didn't improve very much. I continued to practice at home and after some time I felt some progress.

Qigong made Anne-Grethe stronger and healthier The summer course in Nossebro 2009 was a great experience. It was a turning point. Things literally fell into place. All my vertebras that weren't in place found their right location and stayed there. The pain I had decreased tremendously. My muscles became stronger and my back more steady. Old injuries in my knee, hips, pelvis, neck and a bad shoulder recovered. My skin has improved after suffering from eczema for a long time.

I've had impaired hearing since I was a little girl. My hearing has now completely recovered and my food intolerance is much better, I can eat ice-cream again! My body is functioning much better since I started to practise qigong and that's a wonderful feeling.

Stronger and Happier

In addition I can mention that I'm much calmer now, I'm very seldom irritated or stressed. I sleep better and feel more rested when I wake up. I feel that my immune system has improved. In general I'm much happier and I think life is wonderful. I'm stronger and healthier than I have been for many years. I feel like, after many years of hibernation, I got my life back as a gift.

I want to thank European Zhineng Qigong Center for this fantastic tool and Su Dongyue for his patience and engagement. It has been a pleasure to join his course and take part of his knowledge.

Anne-Grethe Nilsen