Qigong makes John's life easier

I have always been somewhat of a searcher and I had practised some other methods before I found Zhineng Qigong in 1998. It turned my life around. I used to have problems with my concentration, easily get stressed and feel tierd. But only a few weeks after my first weekend course I felt significantly calmer and more focused at work

Choosing a Method

I practised well and the positive development continued for several years. As my health grew stronger I could keep up a higher pace at work. At the same time I started getting sloppy with my Qigong practise. I also practised other methods, which competed for my time. Despite my good results from qigong, it was still hard for me to stop using the other methods.

My private life changed significantly during this period at the same time as my situation at work grew increasingly intense. Now when I needed to practise the most, I almost stopped practising altogether. My health deteriorated and my stress problems returned. It took me a few years to realize how serious the situation was. I started practising actively again.

Not practising when I really needed it is something I really regret. But I have learned my lesson. Since 2006 I focus completely on Zhineng Qigong. I practise regularly and I attend courses as often as I can.

Qigong makes John's life easier

More Alert, Calmer and Stronger

I have had results from practising. I feel more alert, calmer and stronger and I can handle stressful situations. I have a demanding job and I am convinced that I wouldn't have managed so well if I hadn't practised.

Asthma and Tinnitus Disappeared,

Improved Posture and Eyesight I have also had physical results. My eyesight is better. The exertion asthma I have had since I was a teenager has disappeared. I had tinnitus in many years, which is now completely gone. My posture has improved and a back injury in my thoracic vertebrae has healed, as has an old knee injury.

Qigong also improves my stamina. When I get back from a Summer Course and do sports I am much stronger and have better endurance. Top athletes would probably improve their results and reduce their risk of injury with the help of Zhineng Qigong.

Qigong as a Life Style

Practising Qigong has had an impact on my values, what I prioritize in life. My daily life and my work life are better and my life quality as a whole has improved. I have found my method. My searching continues within it.

John Johansen