Christl's Neck Pain and Irritable Stomach Were Relieved with Zhineng Qigong

In 1994 a disk in my neck slipped. I tried everything to avoid surgery: for instance acupuncture and kinesiology, but nothing helped. I had surgery the next year. After some time my neck started hurting and I suffered from neuropathic pain. The surgery hadn't fixed the reason behind the slipped disk. The original problem and the tension were still there.

Only Zhineng Qigong Relieved the Neck Pain

My neck problem has me worried for my well-being in the future. All the blood vessels to the head pass through the neck. What will happen when I grow old? This is the reason why I practise Zhineng Qigong. I've tried many different methods. Some had given me a little relief, but Zhineng Qigong is the only method that has really helped thoroughly. Especially during the Summer Course I feel I have received so much. I can feel how something has opened up.

When we practised La Qi, something happened in my neck. It was quite amazing. Suddenly the pain released and I started crying. It was beautiful. Now my neck is much better. I'm much less tense and have much less pain.

Irritable Stomach Since Childhood

I also suffer from an irritable stomach. I get a lot of air in my stomach. It has always bothered me. Already when I was a child, my father asked me if had swallowed a football. My stomach was that swollen. Homeopathic substances helped me a little and I used to take magnesium in order for my stomach to function.

Healthy Stomach Without Medication

When I travelled to the Summer Course, I forgot a bag in a café in Stockholm's central station. It contained my survival kit: my magnesium and Vademecum, among other things. I noticed that the bag had gone missing four minutes before the train would leave and I started to run back to the café. But then I realized that I don't really need that heavy bag. I left it in the café and I have managed well anyway. My stomach has been well and I haven't needed my magnesium.

Practising calms Me

My greatest problem is probably that I'm so restless. Before the Summer Course I was wondering how I would manage sleeping in the same room as that many others. I'm so used to doing whatever I want. I knew I would manage, but I hadn't expected to manage this well. I am completely calm. As calm as I have ever been.

Christl Schwarzenberg