Camillas stomach problem has reduced

My whole life I've had problems with my stomach and suffered from a poor immunity system. As an adult I was diagnosed intolerance to gluten (celaki) and lactose. After several years of investigations, severe pain, extreme fatigue, feeling sick and dizzy, I was diagnosed pancreatitis.

In May 2007, I attended my first Qigong course. Things happened in my body immediatly. I calmed down, and I could feel how the stress and frustration fell off me. As I got calmer, my stomach problems were reduced.

Before and after the Summer Course

I attended my first Summer Course in 2008. That was such an amazing experiance! I can divide my life into before and after the Summer Course. The change in my life was that huge. The athmosphere was fantastic and I meet a lot of wonderful people. Also I got a deeper understanding for what Qigong really is. For the first time I experienced the strenght of the Qi-field and how important it is to practise in a group. The biggest impression was the mental training and how Su Dongyues lectures went straight to my heart. The motivation to practise increased and I've practised daily ever since. If I miss practise I feel it immediatly.

Camillas stomach problem has improved

Not a victim

I've made such progress. Today I have a tool with which I can influence my life and my health. I feel a confidence and a security in Qigong. If I feel bad I practise more. The feeling of being able to influence myself is of great importance. I don't feel like a victim of a chronic disease even though I'm far from healthy. Today, I can handle my bad times better mentally in a whole new way. But these come more seldom and the pain is less severe.

Brighter future

I'm stronger, happier and I look brighter on life and the future.

My life quality as well as the one of my family have increased significantly. I feel that Qigong has given me my life back.

Camilla Nilsson