The pain in Samsom's knee disappeared

Zhineng Qigong has helped me so much. Therefore it was obvious for me to tell my story. It was actually the personal stories that made me start to practise. If that many people have improved their health by Qigong, there has to be something special about the training.

Soccer injury

About 15 years ago, I hurt me knee playing soccer. The doctors gave me different messages. In the year 2000, I meet a doctor, specialised in sports, who was surprised that I could even walk. Quite soon I had to have surgery. A serious one. Almost everything in my knee was damaged. Even though the meniscus was hurt, the doctor did not take it out as that could cause osteoarthritis.

My knee got more stable but still my leg was weak. Eventually, I was persuaded by my physiotherapist to undego keyhole surgery. For me, an operation has always been the last way out and I definitly didn't want him to take the meniscus out. Before the operation the doctor was in a hurry and didn't really have time to talk with me. But he was a well merited head of surgery. Even though I didn't feel fine with the situation I trusted him.

After the operation he told me that he took out the meniscus. That's a standard procedure.

Pain in the knee

Then I got pain in my knee. Severe pain! I limped and I strained my body unevenly. It got worse and worse. I went to physiotherapists, naprapats, and chiropractics to mention some but still the pain was there.

The pain in Samsom's knee disappeared

Finally I went to see the doctor again. It was the way I feared. The pain in my knee was osteoarthritis. The doctor couldn't do anything about it even though the operation caused the problem. The solutions were pain killers or another surgery. I lost my hope.

Pessimistic and bitter

The pain got worse. I felt pessimistic and bitter over my situation. I couldn't sleep because of the pain and I felt like a wreck. Friends and collegues noticed my pain. In meetings at work I couldn't sit still due to the pain. Finally a collegue told me to try Zhineng Qigong.

In the beginning I was sceptical. For me, Qigong was for old women and men in Chinese parks, not something for me. Still I had no other alternative and I had nothing to lose. I had already tried everything.

Pain disappeared

I attended a basic course. I was actually going to see season opening of AIK that weekend but I couldn't due to the pain. Already in the first day of the course I felt that the training was something special. I decided to go for Zhineng Qigong. I continued to practice. Gradually my knee improved. Quite soon my pain was completely gone.

None of the methods I tried before had even been close to helping me the way Qigong has. I can walk effortlessly again and I've got me old life back. My physique is even better now than before the surgery.

Peaceful mind

I make progress every day, not only in my knee but also mentally. Actually I've got help with everything. My mind at peace and quiet, and I have a more positive way of thinking. The training gives me a chance to influence my situation. Also, it's fun to practise Qigong. Not many people are lucky enough to have a teacher like Su Dongyue in their country. That's impressing and I'm very grateful.

Qigong opened up a new world to me. It's a world I'm very happy that I got in touch with.

Samsom Asmelash