Ylva recovered from life long back pain

I've had back pain since my childhood. When I was 19 I had my first lumbago. When I was breastfeeding my children I couldn't eat pain killers and then I had such bad pains that I had to crawl on all fours. I think I've taken all pain killers that exist and I've tried everything from vitamin B to extract from shark fins. Sometimes this has given some relief but the back has been a problem all the time. On top of that I had a stressful job with a lot of traveling and sitting behind the screen. At work everything was ergonomically well organized but during business trips I tried to choose a hotel that had a swimming pool available so that I could do my water gymnastics program in the morning in order for me to make it through the day. I have been taking well care of my back and have been seeing the same physiotherapist for ten years but even so I had to take strong medication. In the autumn 2007 I didn't see any other alternative than to apply for sick pension and since February 2008 I'm retired due to the back. Then I decided that it was time for Qigong. I had already taken a weekend course together with my sister and had started to practice a little.

Ylva recovered from life long back pain

At the summer course there was a turn to the better

In summer 2008 I participated in the summer course in Kvänum and that was when things turned to the better. After a really though beginning, it started to go upwards. Mentally I was thrilled, I thought that it can't be true that practicing goes so easy and without pain. Doing arm training without giving up was like winning the lottery. When I got home from the course I was busy with my family and I forgot to take my pain killers. I also started to sleep much better and when I wake up I feel well-rested.

I've also noticed that people who practice Qigong are very friendly and welcoming. Here's no competition going on and instead everyone is competing with oneself and helping others.

No humbug

I've also suffered from difficult migraine since I was ten and when I was working I had a heavy attack about every third month and a smaller one once a month. Since I stopped working I only had one attack. I've been working in the pharmaceutical industry and have always been very skeptical towards all kinds of "humbug". My basic view has been that there should be a medicine for every health issues. At the same time I also see humans as whole beings and I've been following the development of alternative treatments such as acupuncture and I've seen that others and myself have got help.

The body knows

Today I practice Qigong at least three times a week and I can do without pain killers. The placebo effect is really something to count on. That means that the body has its own healing processes and I'm convinced that the movements used in Qigong and the self-suggestion that takes place triggers these healing mechanisms in the body and thereby the well-being is increased and that eases pain.

My attitude today is that I can't understand how one dares not to practice Qigong.

Ylva Freudenthal