Qigong helped Monica to deal with her depression

I have always enjoyed life and felt privileged to be able to be with my family and friends and to move my body. But one day everything around me seemed to spin faster and faster. During this period a number of sad things happened in my life and suddenly I was not any longer able to manage these situations in the same way as I had been before. As a result, I was sick-listed during two long periods. I tried several physical training methods but they did not give me the strength I needed so much.

Zhineng Qigong course on Åland

One day I saw a small note in the newspaper, announcing a Qigong course on Åland. The year was 2001 and the course was a weekend course for beginners. It was a tough weekend. I was not very concentrated and found it hard to learn the movements. My discipline that first winter was not very good as I trained rather irregularly. But because of the great possibilities to practice Qigong on a weekly basis here on Åland, I did not stop training altogether and learned to movements bit by bit.Qigong helped Monica to deal with her depression

High blood pressure and depression

During the spring of 2002 I got sick-listed again, this time because of high blood pressure. This resulted in yet another depression. Shortly after I had gotten depressed, I met a Qigong-friend who suggested me to join the summer course. I decided to give it a try. That year the summer course was in Hamburgsund at the Swedish west coast and it was the best thing I could do! Since then I have attended most summer courses as well as other courses in Sweden and Finland.

Qigong training helped me after operations

I have gone through a number of operations in my lower abdomen. These operations were tough, but I have always been able to train "La Qi" during the first days after the operation. Soon after the operations my menopause started which was not easy. However, because of the training the unpleasant sweating I had suffered from stopped. I increased my training and felt that my body got softer for every day I trained. In the winter of 2008, I got tired and had pain in my stomach. After a couple of months the doctors found out that I had benign cysts in my stomach. They were taken away by surgery later on that spring. I felt clearly that it was time to once again charge my body with Qi.

More vigorous because of continued training

This summer I travelled to Kvänum and enjoyed the summer course. I longed for the first training. The wonderful feeling I got when doing the arm training is hard to describe. The training was so nice and it is also great to meet all wonderful training friends and discuss Qigong. Now I get up 15 minutes before my normal wake up time in order to train and I feel my body gets a vitamin kick that lasts the whole day. THANKS A LOT, Qigong, my friend for life!

Monica Pettersson