Ekzema disapeared by Zhineng Qigong! Read Karin´s story

My whole grown up life I've suffered from atopic eczema or atopic dermatitis. When I was really young, less than two years old I had problems as well but they disappeared when I grew older. During my childhood and adolescence I was free from symptoms.

Severe eczema

From the age of 20 up until 2 years ago I've tried to find relief against my severe eczema. I've creamed with cortisone, I've tried light therapy, I took homeopathic preparation, I tried different diets and I've been hospitalized for treatment. Unfortunately none of this has helped me more permanently. It only relieved the symptoms. I had eczema all over my body. My face, my chest, my scalp and the bend of my arms and legs were worst. Some days I was crying in front of the mirror, wondering how I could go to work, looking that ugly. It was itching terribly both days and nights. The itching became a kind of learned behaviour. I scratched without thinking.

Karin got rid of her severe eczema

Zhineng Qigong

In the autumn of 2005 I decided to give Zhineng Qigong a try. I had been in touch with Zhineng Qigong in 1998. At that time I attended a course but I wasn't motivated enough to practice by myself. Now I signed up for a course in November. The course became the beginning of my new life. The training was a bit hard but I decided to give it a try. I practiced almost daily and in the summer of 2006 I attended my first summer course. My motivation increased a lot by hearing about and seeing all the other´s improvements. I kept on practicing at home and I attended some more courses. In the summer of 2006 I didn't have much eczema left. Just a little bit in the bend of my arm and in periods I had a small spot in the bend of my legs. I didn't dare to hope that the improvements would last during the winter. In wintertime my eczema always got worse due to the cold and dry air. Thanks to my diligent practice I was free from symptoms in November 2006.

My mother and father were celebrating their gold wedding and I went to town and bought a nice, red and low-necked dress. I had never been able to buy a dress like that before as my chest used to be sore from itching. The dress had shorts sleeves as well so that I could show my arms to my relatives. I felt great! I called my sister to tell her about my outfit and she told me that she had bought the same dress. She had thought that "Karin, with her eczema, will never choose such a low necked dress." I was the one wearing the dress at the party. My sister had to choose something else so that we wouldn't look like twins.

Milk allergy, hayfever and asthma

Of course it made me very happy to get rid of my severe eczema. But as a bonus I discovered that I got even more improvements. I'm very allergic. A doctor told me once that I could just as well move to the moon as there were so many things that I couldn't suffer. Now I can stay on earth. My milk allergy disappeared after my first summer course. I could have yogurt for breakfast every morning again and I could eat cream cake at a party. I used to get a lot of red eczema around my mouth.

My slight asthma has almost disappeared. When I tried the peak expiratory flow it showed that my lung capacity has increased year by year.

Before the summer course this year I could cut down all the faded marguerites on the lawn. I did it without getting allergy. Before I couldn't have a single marguerite!

I'm very happy and grateful for finding this good method to improve my health. It feels great knowing that me, myself, can influence it by practicing. I don't need any special equipment or to be in a special place – I can practice wherever I am, whenever I want to! I wish everybody can have this possibility!

Karin Ask