Burned out – now Leena works full time again

After five years of training I finally got the possibility to attend a summer course. It was a funny, tough and a useful experience. Above all I got a lot of new friends. What I liked the most was the quiet atmosphere. I started training Qigong after I had got an offer from my employer to participate in project they had with European Zhineng Qigong Center. That's how I found the method.

Circulation problems and pain after surgery

I've always been interested in exercise, e.g. running longer distance races, practicing in the gym or just moving my body in other ways. A failed surgery in one of my legs put an end to most of those things. The surgery caused me a lot of pain and problems with circulation. It forced me to undergo more surgeries. By practicing Qigong my circulation has improved and the pain has diminished.

Chronic tiredness

As if that wasn't enough, my work had also been quite messy for a longer period of time, e.g. new, big projects, changes in the organisation etc. At the same time there were severe chronic diseases in my family and both my parents passed away soon after each other. One day the burnout symptoms were there. I just went home an afternoon. I don't know how I got home. I was diagnosed so called chronic tiredness.

Since that day my life has been up and down. Medicines, therapy and hospital visits became a part of my life. I think I've slept away most of my free time the last couple of years. But I've been anxious to practice as much Qigong as possible. The training has helped me through hard days.

Qigong gives me a greater calm

Qigong gives me a greater calm. As a matter of fact my doctor has encouraged me to practice Qigong. When I don't feel completely balanced at home and raise my voice my husband tells me to practice for a while. He knows that the training makes me calmer.

Works full time again

I've had some short relapses but each time it has been easier to come back. The last two years I have been working full time.

Qigong is a natural part of my life now. I practice every day and I attend group training every Monday. We are lucky to have at least two basic courses every year in our neighbourhood. I think it's beneficial and fun to attend courses in other towns as well.

Leena Syrjälä