Zhineng Qigong has increased Britt's life quality

I would like to tell you about two good results that I got from practising Zhineng Qigong. This is the first time that I attend the summer course level 2. I was inspired by a course in Hold Qi Up 2. We practiced a lot and I liked it very much. The first two days at the summer course I was surprised that I managed the training that well from my conditions. The third night I woke up, as I usually do, to go to the bathroom. But then I couldn't fall asleep again. The worries and anxiety came. After a while I fell asleep.

Zhineng Qigong has increased Britt's life quality

Improved sleeping

Some days later I realised that my nights used to be like that before but for quite some time they haven't. I don't know when it stopped. Maybe 2-3 months ago, maybe 6 months ago. It means a lot to me! It has improved my life quality! That night I was just a bit worried but to have real anxiety is not fun. It's very hard. I have been sick due to stress, anxiety, unrest sleeping problems, lack of energy and things like that. I got in touch with Zhineng Qigong by an offer from the community for long term sick-listed people. This is really an improvement!

More energy

Another thing: before the summer course when I was out walking with my dog I saw an elderberry bush. The day after I went back to get the flowers and made some elderflower juice. I haven't done that in many years because I haven't had enough energy to do things like that. I've only done things that I really have to do, I've been in fire fighting mode. It feels great to be able to do things that aren't really necessary. I feel so pleased! And I've picked black currants to make marmalade. I haven't done that either in many years. Even though I had access to them I haven't had enough energy to use them. These are big things for me. My life quality has improved.

The homepage

I have quite a long distance to go to the training group and I can only go there a couple of times every semester. Practising in a group makes a big difference but I visit the homepage of Zhineng Qigong to get inspired. It gives me a lot and I'm planning on reading all the personal stories again. It's fun when you've met the persons behind the stories.

Still, I'm not the way I would like to be. There are quite many things to work with but I've taken a couple of steps forward. It will be even better. I'm convinced!

Britt Nyberg

64 years old