Zhineng Qigong has made Odd happier and calmer

My older brother introduced me to Zhineng Qigong. He had practiced for a couple of years and he thought the training would be good for me. 2001 I attended a basic course. Immediately I felt that I wanted to continue to practice. Soon afterwards my brother and I started to consider going to the summer course. In the year 2001 we went there for the first time. At the course my back got a bit straighter and I improved my standing posture. My shoulders were a bit forward but they went backwards.

At my second summer course I got a very strong feeling of Qi. We had done arm training and afterwards I got such a feeling of happiness, almost euphoric. I don't think that I've ever been that happy. The feeling was so huge that I didn't know what to do with it.

Zhineng Qigong has made Odd happier and calmer

Gung Fu increased

By practicing I've increased my Gung Fu. It's inspiring to see that I can manage more training. When I practice La Qi, I'm much calmer and I can keep concentrated quite long. It was difficult for me to practice La Qi before. It's the same with the arm training. I can concentrate on the movements instead of thinking of other things. I just practice and practice. The other day I took a step forward and I could control my body better. Instead of my body ruling my mind, it was my mind that ruled the body. I didn't have to give up because of the pain in my body. I could keep calm. The training was a bit hard but my mind wasn't that influenced. I don't know if it's due to Qigong but my allergy has disappeared.

Trust in Zhineng Qigong

Before my trust to the method was not as strong as it should be but by training and by taking part of research reports and personal stories I've increased my trust. It's good to know that research have been done. I feel that I can trust Zhineng Qigong and the Qi-field.

Calmer and happier

Usually I practice regularly at home. If I don't do it I notice that I have less control. I'm not as calm and I stress up easier. By the training I'm in better control of myself better and I keep calm easier. At the moment I'm working in a home for physical disabled kids. Sometimes they get quite physical. When I practice regularly I'm in full control of those situations. If I don't practice I get tired easier and I have less energy. But that's easy to understand as blood and Qi circulate less when you don't practice.

Practice in the every day life

For me it's more and more important to practice Qigong in my everyday life as well. Train the mind to keep calm to get a better life. It was not until after a couple of years of training that I realised that you can get mental results. I'm a very positive person and I think that's due to Qigong. The training makes me more positive and happier. An important part of Qigong training is to help other people and to be a good person. It's easy to think too much of one self but in the summer course you got reasons to think of others instead of one self. Just by practicing in the Qi-field you help others.

Odd Aleksander