Ove's respect for Zhineng Qigong increases

I had tried many other training methods before I met Zhineng Qigong, Yoga and meditation to mention some. Yoga was good but the training was too complicated. You shouldn't eat before practice and you should be careful with water afterwards for instance. I didn't practice Yoga for long. I liked meditation but after a couple of years I didn't make any progress. A friend of mine advised me to try Zhineng Qigong and I attended a basic course. Since that basic course I've practiced every day and I've participated in all basic courses in my neighbourhood and also a summer course. The summer course was wonderful! I decided to stay for 18 days. l I didn't want to go home when the course ended. It was so good!

Physical and mental results

I haven't got any amazing results from the training but on the other hand I was quite healthy from the beginning. Still, many small things have happened. One of the first things I noticed was that I fell asleep faster at night. It could take two hours for me to fall asleep but now I rarely need more than 5 minutes. That's actually a great result!

The training has made my body softer. Also my dust allergy is better. I still sneeze sometimes but less than before. I don't feel as cold as I did before. If I have a cold and practice then my nose opens up and I can breathe more easily.

Ove's respect for Zhineng Qigong increases I was quite calm already before I started to practice but I have improved my way to handle conflicts. Even though I didn't show it on the outside, conflicts could be hard for me, but now I feel much calmer on the inside. My ability to concentrate has improved since I started to practice, my balance is better and my ability to react is faster. My body feels so light after training. It's an amazing feeling which motivates me to practice more.

Feeling of Qi

Already at my first lecture I got a strong feeling of Qi when we did La Qi. At the summer and winter course my feeling of the Qi feld was very strong. I've noticed that the training is much more powerful when practicing together. Just practicing two persons together makes the Qi field so much stronger. Then, how much stronger isn't the Qifeld at the bigger courses.... It's important for me to attend as many courses as possible.

My sisters are used to me coming home telling them about fantastic training methods that I've found. The following time I meet them I tell them about a new fantastic method but now my sisters have noticed that I've actually practiced Zhineng Qigong for quite a long time. They are starting to think that the training really might be good.

Confidence in Zhineng Qigong

It wasn't due to any disease or problem that I started to practice Zhineng Qigong. Still my health is better today than before. My motivation comes from curiosity. Thinking of the fact that there's no ending in how much you develop in Zhineng Qigong appeals me a lot. I get more and more respect for the method. Zhineng Qigong is so easy to follow. You can practice at any time, anywhere, as much as you want to and without any rituals. I have a strong confidence in the method and my conviction only grows stronger the more Qigong students I meet and when I see their results.

Ove Ödegård