Eva got rid of the pain in her feet

Pain in the feet

A couple of years ago my feet started to hurt. The pain came all of a sudden on a vacation in Stockholm. I had planned to walk around and visit things but instead I had to spend the time looking for shoes and for different inner soles to be able to move. Home again I went to see a doctor. The doctor told me that in order to be free from pain I needed an operation. Still he thought I was too young to do it as it would only last for a couple of years. By using insoles I could postpone the operation. I tried different orthopaedic inner soles and I had to put my good-looking shoes away as the insoles were far from fitting all my shoes. Even at home I needed in-door shoes with insoles. Without them I couldn't take a single step. I had such pain in my feet.

After a while I saw an advertisement about a lecture in Zhineng Qigong. I was interested as I had searched for something to release my pain. At the lecture I was recommended by a woman to participate in following basic course. I decided to attend the course. When I got there I realised that we were supposed to stand up for most of the time. It turned out well even though I could feel the pain in my feet. After my first basic course I was motivated to practice at home and I also attended the group practice every week. Gradually the pain in my feet decreased and now I don't need inner soles anymore and I can walk barefooted without pain.

Pain and numbness after traffic accident

Ewa got rid of the pain in her feet. I hurt my neck some years ago in a traffic accident. My neck and shoulder were in pain. At times my arms and hands went numb. I had difficulties to lift and carry things. If I did it was enough for the pain and tension to increase and give me a headache for days. I tried different methods but they only helped me for a while. Still I have some problems in my neck if I carry heavy things or if I sit by the computer but the problems are much less pronounced today.

Problems with the stomach and acidity

Since I was young my stomach has been problematic. At the age of 25, I had gastric ulcer twice. I've had problems with the upper part of the orifice of the stomach which made the acidity in the stomach coming up to the oesophagus which made me constantly feel sick and feeling like having a lump in my throat. Today I don't need any medicines for the acidity or sickness.

Increased life quality

Initially I didn't notice too many mental results but now I can clearly see a difference. Now I'm calmer. I don't get as easily stressed as before. I don't worry about things the way I use to. My ability to concentrate is much better. I feel happier and more positive. I'm very grateful for finding this training method which makes me both physically and mentally stronger and in that way increases my life quality.

Eva Swenson