Anna had to suffer an additional aorta surgery

I have previously talked about how I recovered well from a heart operation and that I nowadays can handle my worries well. (A link to that story can be found at the bottom of this page.)

New rupture in the aorta

Early February 2007 I got a phone call from my cardiologist. During a routine check with x-ray computed tomography they had found a rupture in my aorta, in the seam between the new and the old part of my aorta. The reason for this rupture was that the glue that they used at my previous operation wasn't very long lasting. Today nobody use this glue anymore. The doctor said that yet another surgery was necessary.

Difficult heart surgery with an uncertain outcome

I was sad and also angry. I didn't want to go through this heavy ordeal again. After calming down I realized that it would be easier, mentally easier, than last time. Now I would be able to prepare mentally and practice as much Qigong as possible before the surgery. The doctors said that it technically would be a more difficult surgery this time since they would replace the aortic arch with an artificial arch. The arteries that connect the aorta to the head and arms would be cut off and stitched together with the new arch. They wanted me to know that they didn't really know the outcome of the operation.

Anna felt physically and mentally strong, a little nervous but also charged about the operation.

Positive thinking and strength

Since I had practiced so much Qigong, and probably is a positive person to begin with, I knew that there was no point in thinking negatively. "If I think positively it will be successful", that was my attitude. I went to Bollnäs to join my second Winter Course in Shenxin Qigong. I felt physically and mentally strong. During the course I asked that those that wanted would think about me when I went under the knife so that the operation would go really well. I got some good advice from the teacher concerning my training after the surgery. He said that I should be calm and take it easy, practice relaxation and La Qi, but above all practice my patience.

Less scar tissue and a successful operation

The 23rd of April was the day of the operation; I was a little nervous and very "charged". Everything went amazingly well. Before the operation they told me it would last around 12 hours, but it took 7 and the doctors had enough time to do everything they had planned. They were surprised that it went so well. I didn't have as much scar tissue from the previous operation as they had expected. That meant that they didn't have to remove as much scar tissue before reaching the parts that needed surgery. All my values were at a good level the whole time and the day after the surgery I was sent to a regular department; usually – after such an extensive operation – it is necessary to stay 4-5 days in thorax intensive care. Altogether I stayed at the hospital for a week, after that they couldn't keep me there any longer. All my values were stable and very good.

Fast recuperation

The recovery also went amazingly fast, and after the Summer Course I felt incredibly healthy and strong. I would like to get on with my life with a flying start but I remember the teacher's words about patience and that it is important that I do not push myself too hard.

I'm incredibly grateful for finding this method that continually improves the quality of my life!

Anna Ulin

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