Zhineng Qigong regulated Johannes' weight

When I wrote my first personal story (you can find a link below) I was just about to start my studies at the music academy in Gothenburg. Now, four years have passed and I have achieved my degree in music. It is about time for me to share the results I have gained by practicing Qigong during my studies.

Physical and mental health

A common problem for students of music is e.g. stiff shoulders, neck and back pain, problems with the wrists and fingers and obviously the practise anxiety that lies like a fog over the corridors. I'm happy to declare that my physical and mental health are better now than when I started studying. For instance my shoulders are more flexible and softer. I never have back pain and I haven't had a headache in four years. I am very rarely stressed, instead I almost always feel calm and relaxed. My entire body is softer and nicer to live in.

Johannes - a happy musician who regulated his weight by training Zhineng Qigong

Weight loss after training course

During the first months of 2007 I experienced the nicest physical change I have ever seen. I lost about 15 kg of weight without making any major changes in my nutritional habits. It all started in a four day practise course in the beginning of January in Stockholm. During the course I noted that the circulation and softness in my waist and lower back improved significantly. I found it easier to relax my entire body and some exercises, for instance one where we bend the body, were much easier to perform. The weight regulation started immediately after the course. I could feel my belly changing but I couldn't understand what was going on. After a week or two I measured my weight at work and realized that I had lost a couple of kilograms. It was a bit strange, since I hadn't made any intentional change in my diet. I did eat a bit less, however, since I wasn't as hungry as before. The weight kept decreasing. In the end of February, I had lost about 15 kilograms. This made me very happy. In hindsight, I realize that my weight was regulated to a normal weight in relation to my height after the circulation in my waist had improved. When the intensive weight loss stopped, my weight was 92 kg and that is my current stable weight.

Powerful tool

Zhineng Qigong is a powerful tool for improving the body and the mind. I feel that Qigong is getting to be a more and more important part of my life. The more time I invest in practising, the more interesting it gets. It is especially fun when you get as clear results as the ones I have just told of.

I can honestly recommend everyone to give Zhineng Qigong a chance.

Johannes Nordgaard

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