Bodil has found a platform in life

I joined my first course in Februry after a collague had made me curious about Qigong. That course went by in a hurry. I didn't feel that good on the Saturday, but the day after I felt much better. Everything just felt so good. Since then I've been practicing almost on a daily basis. This has given me an inner peace. Especially during the last few years, I've been working a lot with personal development, to try to find myself and what I want out of life. I've learned to say no, I find it easier to sort things away and I don't have to participate in everything that happens. Or as one of my surprised friends put it: "But Bodil, your time schedule isn't full any longer!"

Improved memory

I also notice effects in my profession in the field of emergency psychiatrics. In the past I made a lot of notes when I visited patients, but I don't need to now. My memory has improved. But most importantl, I don't brood that much anymore. This is essential to me. It's taken a lot of my nergy, but now I've stopped doing that. Now I just suddenly know things. It feels like I've found a platform in life where everything comes more naturally without much brooding.

Bodil has found a platform in life My attitude has changed. I strive to be more easy going in life. Positive thinking, wich we talk about in Qigong, feels very important and right. It confirmes what I have earlier aspired. I feel I don't have to have a bad conscience about everything I think I should to do. I can choose what I want to do, and that is ok. My daughter has also noticed that I'm more calm. If should be irritaded one day, she usually asks: "Mum, have you practiced today?".

Physical improvements

In the beginning there was mostly mental results, but now I aslo notice some physical improvements. I've gotten more soft in my upper back and neck and I'm more flexible in general. I can also relax more. I thought I could relax before, but now I know that this relaxation didn't go that deep.

It is also nice to have met so many fantastic people while practicing Qigong. Many of my fellow students have managed to build up a new life after getting through extremely though phases in their life.

Bodil Eliassen