Lotta's neck improved a lot after a basic course

A year ago I hurt my neck in an accident with a tractor at my work. The tractor was swinging; I jumped up and hit my head in the roof. My neck was smacked from above. I was sick listed half-time and a company doctor referred me to a physiotherapist. The physiotherapist gave me exercises to do for my neck and my back. The accident was not considered very serious. Within three months I was expected to be recovered. But probably my back was already quite stiff so the accident got more serious to me than it might have been to someone else.

Injections with anaesthetic

A couple of months I kept on struggling but then it didn't work anymore. I had to go back to the company doctor. I had such pain. My everyday life didn't work. Now I was referred to"Sabbatsbergs Ryggcentrum" which was good. My pain was taken seriously there. Just the fact that they understood my problem felt good to me. I was expecting them to show me some exercises that would make my neck recover so when they talked about injections I never thought I was concerned. My problems were not that serious I thought. But it was... I started the "pain treatment" and I saw a doctor and physiotherapist once a week to get injections with anaesthetic. It worked a bit. Once a week for three months I went there.


Meanwhile I saw a poster on a notice board about a course in Qigong. I was curious and I went to a lecture. Qigong seemed interesting but also a bit strange. It was interesting enough though for me to sign up for a weekend course.

Lotta's neck improved a lot after a basic course

Pain disappeared

I didn't expect anything from the course. The training was hard and Sunday afternoon I was not really overwhelmed. But a couple of hours later, when I came home, I noticed that the pain in my neck was gone and the nodes in my muscles were gone. I felt so happy! I didn't know what to do! I was just walking around smiling!

The following week I went back to "Ryggcentrum". For the first time I enjoyed going there. They knew I was attending a Qigong course and they encouraged me. They were very surprised to see what had happened during, that I could get those results already from a weekend course! There was not much more they could do to help me. Instead they told me to keep on practicing Qigong. I went there a couple of times more just to make sure that the pain didn't come back. At "Ryggcentrum" they were very impressed by my results and wanted more information about Qigong. Hopefully they'll recommend Qigong to other people with those kinds of problems.

Higher life quality

Practicing Qigong has also made me calmer, which my family notices. There's a big difference in how I handle things. Instead of getting stressed I can be more peaceful. I don't have the same need as before. I'm more happy and positive. Qigong has given me a better life quality!

Lotta Ostling