Marie gets a lot from practicing Zhineng Qigong

I didn't start to practice Qigong because of any health problem. Instead I was looking for a method to practice both physically and mentally. I had already tried many different things before, e.g. aerobics, dancing, yoga and meditation.

Marie gets a lot from practicing Qigong

Summer course

In 1998 I attended my first drop-in training. For some years I practiced every now and then. In 2004 I joined the summer course for the first time. The summer course gives you a deeper understanding of Qigong. That's where you crack the code.

Zhineng Qigong has influenced me in many ways. It's fascinating that practising Qigong gives me so much even though I don't have any special problems. The improvements come gradually, from year to year. Even things that I never thought of or expected improve.

Concentration, standing posture and flexibility

My body is much softer and more flexible. I stand and I walk more straight. My standing posture is completely different. I've also noted that my ability to concentrate is much better. Nowadays I can sit on the tram reading books without being disturbed by things around me. I haven't been able to do so since I was a child. Now I can keep my focus without having to look around me to see everything that happens.

Clearer and more energetic

I was quite calm also before I joined Zhineng Qigong but now I'm even calmer. I also feel that I'm more energetic and that my mind is clearer. Instead of having my attention on problems I focus more on the solution. It's also easier for me to socialise with other people. I'm more open.

Prevent problems

Qigong is a great method to try to keep healthy and to prevent problems. The time I spend practising will benefit me later.

For me Zhineng Qigong is fantastic. It's a simple tool that you can always use. Even though I don't have any diseases or problems the training gives me so much. This I did not expect!

Marie Ljunggren