The inflammation in Stig's knees disappeared.

By practicing qigong Stig got rid of the inflammation in his knees after two years on the sick list. The doctors did not believe that an operation would give any result.

Via a kinesiologist I learnt about qigong. Later I saw a press item about a qigong course to be arranged at a hotel in Bergen. I had nothing to loose so I tried. During the course I was surprised that I had more pain in other places in my body than my knees. During the course I was able, for the first time in two – three years, to sit down on my knees without any pain. The pain came back after the course but I understood that something had happened.

Improved eyesight, inflammation in knees gone

I got much better by practicing on my own and could start to work again. In 2001 I participated in my first qigong summer course in Hamburgsund. A lot of small changes have happened since then. Syncronization errors in my eyes have disappeared and my eyesight has improved. The inflammation in my knees is completely gone.

This year I have for the first time in fifteen to twenty years been able to put the hands above my head. My shoulders are still stiff, but there is hope.

Mentally calmer

Mentally I am calmer; my view of life and what is of importance has changed. I have always helped other people but now I help myself too. I have a new job because I care more for my health. I can say no, if I ihave not got the time or don't feel like it - without getting bad conscience. In my new job I help multi handicapped children (physical and mental problems); it is an advantage to stay calm when something happens.

Finger training to recover burning injury

I have also had practical use of qigong when I got a cup of coffee over my lower arm at job. I chilled my arm with cold water a while before going home. When I sat in my car I got a burning feeling and I thought; what should I do now? Finger training! During my journey home I did finger training. After a while the worst pain disappeared and when I came home I continued with cold water and hand cream. The next day arm was completely recovered. Normally some form of burning injury should be visible.Stig recovered from knee inflammation

I am very grateful for qigong; better health, better relations to other people, good friends and a changed view of life. I hope to get the chance to participate in most summer courses in the future.

Stig Håvardstun