Annika can handle her over sensitivity

When I came in touch with Zhineng Qigong I was sick listed for overwork. I didn't feel well at all. I was very sensitive to sounds and movements. All sounds around me grew unbearably loud and they influenced me a lot. In my worst condition I could barely speak to other people as it made me so tired. It was also hard when many people talked at the same time. Movements around me made me react in the same way. I could not, e.g., visit a café as it made me feel so bad, completely exhausted.

Zhineng Qigong

During my sick leave I tried different alternative methods to get stronger. Some of them partly relieved my oversensitivity but not completely. E.g. I went to an acupuncturist. He recommended me to try Zhineng Qigong. In a jungle of different Qigong methods it is hard to know which one is good or not. He knew that Zhineng Qigong is good. When I talked to a representative for the method I was wondering if all that I got to hear really could be true. Such improvements only by practising seemed incredible!


Soon afterwards I attended a weekend course. The following week I felt energetic. And I felt happy without any special reason. I was looking forward to getting up in the morning to practice as I could feel how much I needed the training and how much it helped me. It was wonderful!

One day when we had dinner my son said that it was a bit boring when I practiced as he had to stay calm (we were living in quit a small apartment) but still it was good that I practiced as it made me less stressed. It was nice that he had really noticed a difference. My husband also notices that I get more energy.

Over sensitivity

I can not exactly say when my improvements came. I attended my first course in September. The following year I didn't need any medicine for my pollen allergy. The oversensitivity improved gradually. The summer after my first weekend course I attended a summer course. After the course I went to Skåne. Coming back home to Stockholm a friend asked me how I felt coming back to town with all the stress and all the sounds. I used to react strongly to all the people around me. Just to go shopping in a store or to take the subway was really hard. Now I hadn't thought about it. I didn't even reflect on those things. It simply didn't influence me. It was such a feeling to notice that! It felt as if I had a protection around me.

Since my daughter was born 10 years ago I've had pain in almost all joints, a little pain all the time and also pain in my back. I don't have pain any more!

Stronger will

By practicing my will has improved. I'm really happy for that. It's very helpful in life. Also I've become more focused which makes it easier to tell what I really want. I've also noticed that I better can control my thoughts and how I act. I'm more conscious that I actually chose how I think. Practicing makes the thoughts clearer even though it's a long way to go and the way is different for all of us.

Annika Petersson