Lotta found her joy of living

Before I attended my first course in Qigong I had many crises. Finally I didn't have enough energy to handle neither myself nor my family. Everything was hard. I didn't enjoy anything. I had no joy of living. Looking back I haven't had that in many years.

Lotta pays attention to small things around her. In my bad situation I didn't know what to do. I didn't have enough energy to exercise at all. A poster at my work with information about Qigong made me come to a course, two years ago. After the course I attended the weekly group training. I also practiced some at home. After repeating the course once I was walking around with a sense of happiness. The joy came gradually. I started to see small things around me. I saw the nature in another way.

When I started to practice Qigong I had physical problems. It felt like I had a lump in my in my throat, and sleeping problems, which have almost completely disappeared.

Earlier I didn't take fully responsibility for myself. I often blamed other people for how I felt. Zhineng Qigong has changed my way of thinking. I'm more present and I'm calmer. Even people around me notice my changes. One day my daughter told me that she thinks that I listen to her much better now.