Qigong gives Lene courage to live and life energy

In 2003, I found out that my breast cancer had spread to my lungs. I had an operation. At the same time a friend of mine told me how sick she had been and that she, due to Qigong, could stop her cortisone treatment. Talking to her made me motivated to start practicing.

Qigong gives Lene courage to live and life energy After some weekend courses in Gothenburg I attended my first summer course 2004. The course changed my life. The difference was noticed by my family and friends. My eyes, which I had problems with, got better, and that improved my vision. I also got a feeling of life courage and life energy. One thing that I had noticed was that when feeling stressed due to the disease I was very sensitive to sudden noises. It disappeared completely without coming back. I also fall asleep easily in the evening

After attending the second level at the summer course, 2006, I decided to arrange a course in Copenhagen, where I live. I've missed having a training group and many friends listen when I talk about Qigong.

Thinking about Qigong makes me smile. Sometimes I don't feel like practicing but the training gives such strong energy. I associate Qigong with possibilities and hope – a self training art where I can influence my situation myself.

Lene Mau