Mona could cancel her operation

In May, 2005, I started to suffer from pains in my back while at the same time my left foot and leg went numb. The pains limited my ability to move and affected the number of things I could do. The numbness caused my left leg to drag and it sometimes made me stumble. Life got very complicated due to this restriction in my mobility. Of course I went to see a doctor here on Åland and after a CT-scan I was referred to the academic hospital in Uppsala for an operation.

The physician who diagnosed me said I had a spinal canal stenosis. It appeared that two discs had completely collapsed which had caused the vertebra to lack support in between and become unstable. A neurosurgeon recommended an operation (arthrodesis) that would reduce my pains, provided that the operation was successful.

Mona could cancel her operation While I was waiting for the operation, I gradually got worse and worse. Finally I couldn't stand up to cook or to do the dishes. I had to take care of the household sitting on a chair. I couldn't look after the garden anymore, something I love to do. I felt panic coming and wondered if I would be bound to a wheelchair and have to depend on other people to get around. My sleep was disturbed due to the pains and it was difficult to move in bed. I woke up several times every night.

Eventually I would have done anything to get better. I was even looking forward to an operation. Then a good friend of mine convinced me to try Qigong. I thought it was unlikely that the training would help me, but I would have done anything.

So I attended a weekend course in Qigong, February 2006.

The Monday after the course I could walk without pain........... Amazing!

Gradually my health has improved. I don't use painkillers anymore. I practice Qigong at home as much as I can and I join the weekly group training once a week. I feel completely recovered now. The injury is still there and I can feel it if I'm not careful, but there won't be any operation, at least not now.

If you hesitate, maybe you should try Qigong. Who knows, the training might help you as well. For me, a miracle happened!