Erika can handle her rheumatism better

Since the spring 2002 I've had problems with pain in my joints and later it was stated that I suffered from rheumatoid arthritis. Initially the problems were not very serious. I had pain in my fingers and some pain in my knees. In the autumn the same year my problems got worse. It turned out that I suffered from an aggressive type of rheumatism. Soon I had pain in all my joints.

I tried many different types of alternative medicine but I didn't find anything that worked very well. An old friend from school suggested me to try Zhineng Qigong. I attended my first course in February 2003. During the course I could notice some alleviation of pain and afterwards I felt physically better. I continued to practice and I attended my first summer course 2004. A lot happened in my body and I also got an insight into how to better deal with my disease.

Later I got a very good medicine, which made the disease much better. Still I had problems walking as my right knee was very ill and swollen. The knee was operated in September 2004 and afterwards I mostly lay in bed, feeling sorry for myself for having such pain. When I didn't practice Qigong I could notice that I got worse and that my physical state of health went backwards.

Erika can handle her rheumatism better I began to practice again and immediately I felt better. During the summer course this year I have made a lot of progress. My energy level is higher, amy feet are better and I have less pain. Before, when I took my little walk for a kilometre, the pain made me stop three times. When I came home from the summer course and I went for a walk I noticed afterwards that something was different. I hadn't stopped a single time! Now I can walk 2,5 kilometres without problems. A friend of mine who has seen me walking said: "But now you're the one setting the pace!"

The practice has alleviated the pain, made my movements better and, in general, improved my life quality. The training helps me handle my disease better. I can keep a distance and I feel mentally stronger. I think Qigong is the best rehabilitation you can get as a rheumatic. After the summer course I always have less pain for a while.

I will keep on practicing Zhineng Qigong as the training makes me happy and improves my state of health.

Erika Mattson