Torstein has become calmer and more energetic

An important reason for me to practise Zhineng Qigong is that the training contributes to mental calmness, body flexibility and a raised energy level. During the years I have practised I have experienced that the training helps me in many ways. The positive effects comprise both mental and physical functioning as well as better social relations, which all three are tightly interconnected.

In my family, we have had three children in four years, meaning life can be very intensive. The training has contributed to a better quality of sleep and I am less vulnerable now when I have to get up in the middle of the night to help the kids. I go back to sleep fast and feel rather alert when I wake up in the morning. The fact that the quality of my sleep has improved means that I can manage with less sleep. We have also discovered that the children calm down faster if we practice when they go to bed. Our children like the thought that we are in the room and we use our time in an efficient way. As a rule the children are asleep when we have finished our training.

If you are worn out as a parent of small children, it is easy to focus on what must be done to make an ordinary weekday work out well. If possible, everything should be done at once and before you know it the children come second. Mental calmness makes it easier to prioritise and do one thing at a time. Real focus means you can not think of something else at the same time. Training contributes to better stress handling and one of the effects is that you become more present when you are together with the children. It is a positive circle and the children feel more satisfied.

Practicing also gives me better concentration and energy when I work. However, it is important to be aware that it is tempting to do more and more when you get a raised energy level. The challenge is not to raise ambitions. If you raise your ambitions, the stress level increases and there is a chance you loose the mental calmness and the energy surplus that you need to feel good. You have to face the fact that you only can manage a limited amount of things during the time you have.

Torstein Svergja

39 years old