Jonas doesn't dwell on things like before

After my wife had been on her first summer course I became curious about Qigong. She came home completely filled with the course. I didn't know what to expect when I attended my first course as I didn't know anything about Qigong. The training was much harder and more strenuous than I thought it would be.

I became aware of problems in my body that I didn't know of before. My work, which I found boring, had made me stiff. Problems in my shoulders made it difficult for me work with my arms over my head. It was even difficult to bend down and tie my shoes.

I have also been very anxious and negative in my way of thinking. Worldly issues, such as economy, made me worried. I found it very difficult to talk in front of a group of people and I could never expect that I would become a teacher, as I am today. In relations I could be irritating and a bit nasty in a bad way.

Jonas is calmer and more soft I have become more aware of how I'm influenced by my behaviour. Nowadays I'm not that worried about saying the wrong thing or making mistakes. I usually ask myself what the worst thing is that can happen. I've also become a bit more humble and I can handle e.g. anger better. It is very useful in my contact with students and colleagues. You can not scream and yell as a teacher. That doesn't solve any problem!

Physically I have today a better control over my body. I feel that I can do what I want in life with a better attitude and with more energy. Being a father it is very useful for being able to keep calm.

The days that I practice Qigong are much better. I can clearly notice a difference. It's a security to have such a tool as Qigong to use in case I should get sick or have an accident. I hurt my thumb in a carpentry machine. I could keep calm in that situation in a way that wouldn't have been possible before I started to practice Qigong.

The most important thing is to keep calm whatever happens. Those words are my guiding star.

Jonas Ekh