Marina's life quality has improved

During most of my life I have had stomach problems. During my worst periods I even reacted on water. About ten years ago I had to visit emergency ward due to an anaphylactical chock (a severe allergy reaction). Life suddenly became very complicated and troublesome after the statement that I was very sensitive to a lot of provision.

In spring 2005 I participated in my first weekend course in Hold Qi Up. Much happened only during and after that weekend. My goal was to reduce my allergy problems but I discovered that a lot of other things improved or disappeared.

My stressed stomach immediately became much calmer. Earlier I have spent a lot of money on visiting various doctors who have not been able to put a name to my problems, and even less cure them. After only a couple of months I had completely stopped using preparation that I had eaten for many years.

To my big surprise my lactose intolerance has disappeared to 99%. Nowadays I use ordinary milk products and very rarely get any problems from that. My acquaintance circle has difficulties to believe that I no longer need low lactose products.

Before I started to practice Qigong I suffered from an incredible menstruation pain that grew worse over the years. On some occasions my pain was so severe that I almost fainted. Doctors said it is common and quite normal. I was worried each month for when I would start and that I would need a lot of pain killers to manage. After my first weekend course I maybe have had one pill on two or three occasions! I have learnt to make pain disappear by practicing instead of taking pain killers on the few occasions when I get pain.

Zhineng Qigong training improved Marina's life quality.

I usually had a migraine period for about a week each spring and autumn. The only thing to do was to rest. Since I started to practice I have not has such a period. On a few occasions I have felt as if it would start, but then it just disappears.

My allergy often makes me tired, but nowadays I feel less tired and don't have to take a rest on daytime as often as before. Nor I don't need as much sleep as before, now I manage with six hours per night, earlier I slept eight to ten hours per night.

I have noticed other improvements; my legs don't feel as heavy as before when I am out walking, my shape has improved. I don't stress and I don't feel worried about things as much as before. Though things sometimes mess up, my stomach keeps calm. I have got an inner calmness and I feel happy. I have not been able to drink coffee for some years, because it caused heart palpitation, difficulties in breathing and I felt like fainting. After summer course I have tested to have some coffee and I have felt ok.

Today I feel so good that I have forgotten many of the troubles I earlier suffered from. This is a step in the right direction!

Marina Nedergård