Per is more clever at his job

The reason why I started to practice Qigong is that I work as an acupuncturist and acupuncture and qigong is rather close to each other. My thought was to know and understand more about qi and in that way improve my work.

Via a customer, I got in touch with Zhineng Qigong. She came to me for treatment and said a lot of nice things about qigong. After she had participated in a qigong project, I saw her changes. So I thought I would go for it too. I had no known problems, but when I started with qigong I found out my body was very stiff.

My body has become much softer, but when you open something slightly a lot of other things will show up. My shoulders are my biggest problems; I can notice that when practicing. But as I manage to relax I can feel that practicing works better and better and I get an improved flow. Twenty years of football playing has made me stiff. Formerly I was bow-legged, but my legs have now straightened.

Concentrated, fit and alert

After the first summer course I noticed that my treatments were influenced in a positive direction, a sharp difference. The following summer courses have made me fit and alert, more concentrated in my activities and that is very important in my business. To treat a person well, that is important, and then I am really there – present. It is qigong and it is beautiful, as a matter of fact.

I play golf. Every time I come home from a course, I have got another body. When I grab the club my shots seem easier. Alpha and Omega in golf is relaxation and there qigong is very useful.

Per is an acupuncturist who has become more concentrated, alert and better golf player with Zhineng Now, considering qigong, the mental side is of most interest to me, it is my main purpose. I have as a person never reacted by rage. I turn myself inwards instead; I become sad. Even if I seem to be rather calm outwards there is something else inside.

In a wedding, the host had written small paper cards to the invited containing personal characteristics. On my card was written: Per never stresses, Per is always calm, Per always believes that thigs will work out. Evidently I have managed quite well outwards but inside there is a grain not at all like that. I hope that qigong will reach that grain so that I can become the same person inside that I am on the outside. This is my present goal for qigong.

Per Gunnar