Gun calms down using Zhineng Qigong

My name is Gun Zebühr and I started to practice qigong as my eyes were dry and I thought that qigong could solve the problem.

Qigong is a technique that makes me slow down. I have been very busy at work and I have also brought my job to my home. But since I started to practice qigong, I think I have learnt to turn off my job when I leave my workplace and not think so much about it when I come home.

Formerly I could sometimes wake up at night and think about my job. That problem has also become reduced; I sleep better at night since I started qigong.

I have calmed down now, formerly if I had many things to do at the same time I became stressed. I have learnt to prioritize, I write down all activities on papers and figure out where to start. I prioritize and strike off after taking action.

When I come home from job, I practice 30 – 40 minutes e.g. Hold Qi Up and when I am finished I can do something else. I practice in a group once every week.

And, my eyes have improved.

Gun Zebühr