The philosophy of Zhineng Qigong helps Bengt

I've practiced Zhineng Qigong for a couple of years. Looking back I realise that I've had many good results from the training. Sometimes I suffer from depressions. I've had a lot to carry on my shoulders and that has made me rather taciturn and introvert.

Since I started to practice Qigong, it has become easier for me to open up. I'm getting more and more social. I want to take all the things away that make me depressed. Or rather, I need to learn to handle my way of thinking. It's not the surrounding that creates problems. I create them myself in my mind. To change the behaviour is not easy but it is possible!

The philosophy of Zhineng Qiong helps Bengt to handle his thinking way Su Dongyue's lectures have helped me a lot. I feel very eager to try the positive way of thinking when I hear him speak. It feels like he's talking straight to me, even though he is talking to everybody in the audience. He reminds me, and I really need to be reminded, of how to use the mind in a positive way. His word goes straight to my heart. It's amazing! The lectures are very useful in my everyday life.

Zhineng Qigong is such a powerful method. It's also very simple and I like that. Something in the training really attracts me. Even though I've had problems learning the movements and I'm far from doing them perfectly, the results come. Suddenly the pain disappears, both physically and mentally, and it makes me feel really soft. When practising hard, the results can come fast.

In Zhineng Qigong there is no end. There are always new things to learn. We work on finding all the beautiful things inside of us. Zhineng Qigong can open the door, at least a little bit, and make us see everything nice inside of us. In the future life will be calm and simple. Gradually life will be very simple, a piece of cake. It's important to see all the possibilities there is in life. It's important not to forget that life is so rich.

Zhineng Qigong has given me many gifts. My gift back is to tell other people about my experiences. I don't know what my life would have been like without Zhineng Qigong!

Bengt Andersson