Kaj's ligaments in his feet improved

I have practiced since February 2006. I practiced rather solidly during the first two months but later more sporadically. My girl friend who has a rheumatic disease is here and that's why I am here to share and to help her in this. To push her to practice, that is my main purpose. I have the will, but she has much more difficulties so I would like to support her by being here.

Me myself, have also received something from this. My arms and shoulders have had some changes, they have become softer. A wow feeling is that my arms hang down exactly by my sides, when I relax.

Kaj ligament in foot I have played some football, from age of seven until I was twenty years old. My ligaments in my wrists have had some beating. I have tried to strengthen them, but it keeps coming back once you have sprained them. But now, after eight days they have somehow become more stable. My standing posture has also been influenced. I was a little unstable before and I did not think of that the explanation could be my wrists.

Another effect is that my eyes that has been flowing and red after much computer work feels normal again. I have a mouse hand, my hand has become bent a little due to the contour of the mouse and my fingers have become bent. My hand has now straightened as well as my fingers.

Kaj Suokko