Susanne healed her frozen shoulder

I did some skiing at Hellasgården outside Stockholm. I fell in an unfortunate way and when I stood up my arm was stuck. I had got what you can call a frozen shoulder injury. At Maria health centre they asked me if I wished acupuncture or painkillers. Acupuncture seemed exciting and it worked immediately on me. After three or four visits pain was gone, but I could not move my arm. It was stuck in its position and was completely impossible to move.

I participated in classical physiotherapy twice a week. The accident took place in February but still in May I could only raise my arm, just a little. During summer I practiced pulling a rubber band that they gave me. But I could still not raise my arm above my shoulder. By the end of August my therapist told me, "as acupuncture worked out so well on you, maybe you should try qigong".

Susanne frozen shoulder When I walked around in town, I got a radar sight. I saw that poster that told me about a Zhineng Qigong course at Telefonplan in Stockholm. There were many participants, somewhat about hundred. And I was unemployed so 1600 crowns was a lot of money to me. I participated, but nothing happened. I was furious. 1600 crowns had been thrown away. But we got a small tape so I continued to practise Monday, Tuesday. In middle of the week, when I woke up in the morning, I could raise my arm. It is true; it is not a tall story. It felt like "take your bed and walk".

So I continued to practice for a while, but later I stopped, I had reached my goal. Half a year later I had a feeling of something I missed, training had brought me something that no longer existed. So I started again, visited dropp-in on Tuesdays and tried to perfect my movements.

Later I also participated in summer courses. Now I can say – I practice for my mental well being. I think I feel so much better when I practice. This was my first summer course since 2003, and it gave me a big kick.

Susanne Gunnersen