Mona's life quality has improved

I have a congenital disease that makes my back very asymmetrical. X-rays show that the spine not only has an S- shape but the vertebrae is also twisted. I've been active and have exercised. This has kept my muscles in shape and I've never reflected over my abnormal spine. I had no real problems until we changed our routines at work to work sitting down. I sometimes get strong pains in my back and one arm gets numb. At work it was a huge problem. The doctor's examination showed that I've got a stress injury in the lower part of my back and in my neck.

Mona's back has become much better Zhineng Qigong has helped me to support my back. Especially the body regulation has helped me to observe myself how I stand. It's very important to practice continuously to keep the body soft. If I don't practice I get sore and stiff.

Qigong has also helped me with my hobbies. I have always enjoyed knitting but as time passed I got stress injuries in my hands and I was forced to stop. Nowadays I work with my hands keeping a gentle smile because I feel safe in the fact that I can restore my health if I overstrain myself. Singing in a choir has always been important to me. As a result of the training, my breathing ability and phrasing is a lot better.

I also feel calmer and don't worry so much. I haven't had any problems with my menopause. My eye doctor confirmed recently that for four years now, my eyesight hasn't deteriorated. In this age reading glasses often need to get stronger, but my eyesight has stayed the same. Zhineng Qigong has improved my life quality.

Mona Blok