Linda can handle her migraine

I have had migraine for a couple of years. During the worst periods I had to stay in bed up to five or six days a week. Every physical effort could trigger a migraine attack, even a simple thing as cutting a tomato for dinner. I have tried many alternative methods and some of them have helped me to get somewhat better.

When I was about to attend my first two-day course in Zhineng Qigong I wanted to pay for only one day. After a whole day of physical exercise I expected to get a migraine attack which would prevent me from attending the second day. That was not the case. I attended both days and after that I did not have migraine for a whole week!

Linda's migraine disappeared for a whole week after her first weekendcourse!

I attended the nine-day summer course in 2005. Despite the physical exercises I didn't have migraine for a single day. It was fantastic! Previously, I had been very active physically but it had become impossible due to my migraine. It is so incredible to be able to exercise and move my body and not being forced to sit passively to avoid the headaches. To be able to do small chores: vacuum clean a room or make some food is worth a lot! During a period after the course I could prevent migraine attacks by training when I could feel them coming. It is such a happy feeling not to be forced to stay in bed for days.

I live in Kalmar but have a lot of friends in Stockholm. For years I was unable to visit them, they had to come to me if we were to see each other. I have not been able to drive a car for longer journeys for a long time, even though I like it, because the physical effort usually would trigger a migraine attack. Now I have, all by myself, driven a car to Stockholm to see my friends and at the same time attend a weekend course in Qigong. To trust that my energy really will suffice is fantastic. At the same time I feel comfort in knowing that if I would get a headache it will disappear during the course.

I was very focused on my body during the summer course and I hoped to be well when I got home. I noticed when I got home an enormous difference in my mental state. It was there I noticed the biggest difference. The body is of course important but the mind is somehow more exciting. I noticed that I've learned to handle things in a better way. I don't react in the same way as I did before. I appreciate and enjoy life in a different way.

Qigong has taught me to master my every day life; I have learned to function in every situation. For me that is actually the most important thing. I've learned how to get more energy and how to act to avoid wasting it. I didn't know how to do before. I had learned that one should live out ones feelings; be angry, scream, cry, and I thought that it should be that way. Qigong has taught me that it's better to keep calm. Life is much easier that way. I feel safe with Zhineng Qigong, that it's a good method and I'm on the right track!

Linda Bäckström