Heidi has a happier life

I started to practice Zhineng Qigong as I wished to fill my life with something else but studies. The first course was hard but felt good. My body never felt as light as after that course. Now I practice regularly and I feel better when I practice.

My knees have caused me problems and they easily become dislocated. One knee has even had surgery. I only needed to take one false step, to become decapacitated for a week. It could happen at least once or twice per year. Since I started to practice Zhineng Qigong my knees have not ever been dislocated.

Thanks to Zhineng Qigong I have become more active. I can also remain calm and small accidents do not grow into big catastrophes. If I get sad or angry I calm down faster. I feel happier and can question my old ways of thinking.

Participating in a Zhineng Qigong course also trains your social ability.

Heidi Tallskog