Elsie got new strength

Two years ago I was as near a personal collapse as one can be. My husband got a brain tumour which caused his personality to change. Meanwhile I had serious sleeping problems due to an operation. It was an incredibly difficult period in my life. I didn't know what to do. It was not a question about if but when I would collapse. I was exhausted.

Training Qigong helped Elsie to get more energy and cope with everyday life A few years earlier I participated on a weekend course in Zhineng qigong but I didn't go on to practice on a regularly basis. I had tested a few other methods as well (yoga among others) but without any true results. When my life was the very hardest I continued practising qigong and I have no clue how I would have survived without it. My training was my last resort, a way of getting more energy and coping with the everyday life. Resting and sleeping in general only made me more tired. Not to mention that I had very little time to rest due to my sick husband.

I moved from my house when my husband died. Even though it was a very tough period my training gave me strength to complete all necessary arrangements. People around me couldn't really grasp how I managed to go on but they certainly understood how important qigong was for me and my health. I practice everyday and I let very few things disturb this routine.

Last year I got easily out of breath. Walking up the stairs was too hard and I had to stop half the way to rest. My doctor found a whistling sound in my heart which probably was causing my bad condition. One day when I was practicing I felt something happening with my heart and afterwards I was not as tired anymore. I could without effort run up and down the stairs.

Qigong has also helped me remove my tinnitus. First I was even afraid telling anyone because tinnitus ought to be an incurable disease. It might be hard for outsiders to understand but with Zhineng qigong it is possible to cure tinnitus.

My training has made me a much more positive person. Before I might have seemed positive but I actually wasn't. My grandchildren use to tease me by saying "Grandmother you are always so positive. You are hopeless". I enjoy life in a whole different way. Where I once saw problems, I now see possibilities. Out in nature everything now seems so beautiful. I dare not think where I would have been today if I had not found Zhineng qigong.

At this moment I am attending the summer course in Kvänum together with many others who are practicing Zhineng Qigong. From the start I was only registered for the level 1 course but after the first nine days I strongly felt I wanted to keep on training Qigong in the Qi-field and decided to stay. I really do not regret my decision! Previously my back was very stiff but know it is much softer. My feet are also much more relaxed now and I can stand without any tension i my feet. Emotionally I am getting better and better all the time! Never before been I have felt this harmonious and happy! I sincerely wish that all others could feel the same happiness!

Elsie Helgotsson