Cecilia's standing posture has improved

An important result of my Zhineng Qigong training has been that my hips, my shoulders and my back are much better now than before. Today, my body is straight whereas previously my back was bended. I also had scoliosis-like problems with that have become worse during the last couple of years when I was work working a lot with the computer. My hips were asymmetrical and one of my legs was longer than the other. When I was walking my hips hurt and sometimes I limped when I walked.

Cecilia's Qigong training has resulted in a straigher standing posture. The Qigong training has resulted in a straigher standing posture, meaning that it does not take a lot of effort to keep up my body. I feel both straight and proud. My body also is much lighter now. Sometimes it feels as if I touch the ground lightly. I am sure that the fact that I have had a bad standing posture was partly due to mental causes. I have tried to make myself smaller and that has affected my standing posture. Now I dare to be myself to a much higher extent, both physically and mentally.

Looking back at this period I realize that I did not consider my problems to be so serious by then. I had become used to that life should be like that. My back was supposed to hurt. Today, after many hours of qigong training, I know it does not have to be like that.

I have also had problems with bad blood circulation. My hands and feet have been freezing cold, which has been a big problem for me. During the first days of the summer course I was freezing a lot and was forced to put on a thick sweater, but after a while I felt that my body got warmer from the inside. Since then I don't feel cold anymore and my body temperature has increased.

Qigong is a way of handling life. The training helps me to open my heart more and more. It gives me access to all beautiful things that can be found both in me and in other peole. I have also become more humble as a result of the training. It affects my way of thinking and the way I deal with other people.

It feels important for me to share my positive experiences with other people. Among other things I have organised a basic course in Hold Qi Up where I work. Today, we train in a group once a week. Sometimes a teacher from the European Zhineng Qigong Center comes by, sometimes I am leading a course myself.

Zhineng Qigong is a training form that suits me well. I felt it straightaway when I tried it for the first time. The movements were smooth and the teacher seemed to be god, which is very important. Qigong is a training method. This means that training is a requirement in order to get results. When you do this you can work on balancing body functions. I will keep on training Zhineng Qigong during my whole life.

Cecilia Olsson