Barbro lost weight

I began to practice Qigong last year and this spring I joined "Project 2006" in Stockholm. From reading different articles in magazines I had the idea that Qigong could be helpful for problems in my back and my shoulders. For me the training sounded interesting.

When I joined my first weekend-course I understood that Qigong was so much more. The other participants told me about improvements in various areas: migraine, asthma and allergy for example. A lot thing I heard fitted my situation.

I got asthma and allergy in 1996. Previously, I practiced different kinds of aerobics but I had to quit because of the strong smells from perfumes etc. And what happened when I stopped practising? I put on weight! Surprisingly I've noticed that by practicing Qigong I lose weight. I started to lose weight already when I was just practicing at home, but during the project I've lost even more. That was unexpected so I asked a Qigong-teacher if it was normal. He answered me that when you practice Qigong, the body wants to recover all body functions that don't work properly. Some people put on weight while others lose weight. My appetite has increased and I eat much more, but still I don't put on weight.

It was hard for me to practice this autumn and I felt unmotivated. I didn't even know if I had enough energy to join the project but everybody spoke so well about it. The project was like a new start in my life. I was surprise when I suddenly realised that I enjoyed the training again. All of a sudden I felt happy without a reason.

I've never been really depressed but I often had a lack of energy. I went to bed tired and I got up, if possible, even more tired. My energy was just enough for working and taking care of the household. I didn't have energy to do anything else. I considered leaving the Art Association that I enjoyed so much because I didn't have enough energy to go there.

Barbro Waterval

Qigong gives me much more energy and I'm able to do more things. I wake up alert and energetic in the morning. I can stand up and sit down straight-backed without effort. I wasn't able to before but now I do it automatically. And I won't leave the Art Association.

Over the years my fingers have become crooked and painful. According to the doctors it was a natural development. I had to accept my fingers to be deformed and painful. But even though the doctors said it was impossible, my fingers have become straighter and less painful during the project.

Today everything in my life feels easier. When I started to practice I was breathing more heavily when I was walking, but now I don't anymore. My breathing functions better and my body feels lighter.

A lot of things have happened during the year I've practiced. I'm happier and lighter. I've got unimaginable results. The kilos disappeared and my rucksack is lighter. I'm also taller. I've got my full body length back in many ways, not only physically.

Barbro Waterval