Ann-Christine can handle her mental problems

It was a coincidence that I found Zhineng Qigong. I didn't feel well mentally. Everything inside of me was in chaos. I had tried several other methods but without any result. After a lecture I decided that I could at least try Zhineng Qigong. I went to a training and afterwards I realised that I felt a bit calmer in my chaos.

Then I went to the summer course. I cried and cried and cried and cried. That is my biggest memory from that course. But when I went home I felt that something positive had happened. I realised that it was the best holiday I could ever have had. Since that first summer I've joined the summer course every year, eight years. I've kept on crying but I cry less and less.

Since my puberty my mental condition has not been very good. I don't remember that I was depressed as a child but since my adolescence I've been depressed more or less all the time. I was afraid of people and spent most of the time alone. Now that I feel better, I have started to understand how depressed I actually was. I was not aware of this when I was younger. I thought everybody felt the way I did. I didn't realise it shouldn't be that way. I didn't have anywhere to go with my problems. I just kept going on.

Today Ann-Christine can handle her feelings without depression Thanks to Qigong I take small steps all the time. Before when trouble came on my way I couldn't handle it so I got depressed. Today the feelings still come but I can handle them without depression. That is something I've learned from Qigong. I laugh more easily today, I'm more open and I don't live in a fog anymore. My brain feels clearer and works better. I think most of the people who practice Qigong have noticed that they have less disturbing thoughts. It's not the same buzz in my head anymore.

Another good result is that my body is much softer and more flexible today. I can't prove it but I'm convinced that if I hadn't begun to practice Qigong I would be early retired today and a big burden for the medical service. I had a lot of tensions and I didn't realise it. For example it was hard for me to walk a longer distance.

I still have things to learn but I understand myself and the way I act in life a little better. To learn how to handle the mind hasn't been easy but it has been worth all the struggling. It is really worth it. I have a great confidence in Zhineng Qigong.

Ann-Christine Jansson