Maj-Britt has increased her life quality

For 40 years I've worked as a cook. Working in a catering kitchen and in a kinder garden involves many heavy lifts and uncomfortable working positions, which was very demanding for my body.

When I was 45 years old, the lovely cat I had released my allergy and asthma. In February 1997 I was sick listed for an indefinite period of time since I had pain in my neck, my shoulders, my wrists, my right hip and because the feeling in my right foot had started to disappear. A medical examination showed that the sixth and seventh disc in my neck were worn out as well as my ankle joints. I was not entitled to get rehabilitation from my employer or the social insurance office and my troubles were not classified as being related to work.

It was hard for me to accept my situation. I tried water gymnastics and I went to a physiotherapist who gave me massage and acupuncture. She did her very best but my improvements didn't last very long.

Then the paper Länssvalan came and I read about the Qigong-project 1997. I thought that maybe this training could be helpful when trying to get rid of my pain and in order to improve my life quality. I signed up and since then I've attended every project, the Tuesday trainings and also a summer course in Hamburgsund.

I remember my first project. I couldn't bend my wrists much at all and I had pain in my left shoulder, as if I had an abscess. During a training weekend, Su Dongyue passed me and he put his hand on my left palm, turned forward. The pain made me almost take off from the floor. Some days later I had gotten better!

I've been a member in the board of house-owners in the house where I live. We have 93 members/flats and I was responsible for planning and purchasing an extensive renovation in our association. Managing the contacts between the tenant and the construction company took a lot of time. At the same time my mother suffered from another heart attack. I felt that I didn't have time to practise Qigong and that decision influenced my state of health. My nervous stomach, which I thought was related to stress, turned out to be gluten allergy and a malfunctioning thyroid. I've been thinking that the gluten allergy might not have started if I had practised Qigong as before. Now I practise regularly again.

Just before the project 2006 started my mother died. The intensive practise was the lifeline in my sorrows. The kind requests from Lars to "keep calm" made it easier for me to handle my feelings.

The best thing with Qigong training is that I am more flexible in my body, that I have more strength and that the quality of life has improved.

Maj-Britt Göransson

born 1940