Magnus, suffering from MS, got a better life

My name is Magnus and I am 31 years old. I have MS (multiple sclerosis) which is progressive, acting in relapses. I had my relapse 2½ years ago. Its main effect was that I could not walk well and I slept a lot.

The relapse abated and I was able to walk reasonably well but not very long distances. I was unemployed and I worried about this fatigue becoming a problem for me when I would get a job. It was also difficult for me to take the initiative.

Magnus In November, 2005 I joined a Weekend Course in Zhineng Qigong. That was like a injection of vitamin. It made me energetic. This inspired me to practise Qigong for half an hour every day.

Three weeks after the course I was offered a job as a replacement, as head of the data system of a small company. I dared to accept this offer because I knew that I would have the energy to work all day through.

On Friday evening, after my first working week, I felt extraordinarily energetic. I had been working for a whole week and I still felt energetic! That same evening I and my wife were doing the laundry. A normal evening I would put the laundry in the washing machine and help out while my wife would cook the evening supper. This evening, however, I put the laundry in the machine, I decided what we would have for supper, I went out and shopped the grocery needed (and some more), and I cooked the supper. That was an enchanted evening. It is a wonderful feeling to be able to want something and then put one's wish into action.

I can feel that my Qigong training makes me more energetic and more healthy, and now I am able to walk two kilometres without rest. Zhineng Qigong has improved my life.

Magnus Barse