Karin has less pain and a better standing posture

My name is Karin and I am 59 years old. I have never been afraid to use my body and I have always relied on the thought that my arms, legs and back would serve me whatever I did. For me it was a new experience when I got pain in my back in 1995. I had to take strong medicines to alleviate the pain and I tried all the remedies I could find, but the pain grew worse and worse. Finally I had to change my way of living. A doctor at the Sahlgrenska hospital found out that I suffered from a spinal narrowing in the lower part of the back. This means that the nerves in my legs are clamped. It was told I could be operated for this.

Karin got cramps when walking When the situation was worst, pain governed my whole life. Every step I took hurt. If I walked more than a short distance or stood up for more than a couple of minutes, I got cramp in the lower part of my back. It was very painful. The car was my faithful friend (no matter whether I was to go far away or just around the corner) and even for the easiest kitchen work I needed a special chair that I had borrowed from the rehabilitation centre. Everything that should be done had to be planned, even simple things such as getting a pen. I had to give up many things. The worst thing was that I couldn't dance anymore, not even a slow foxtrot with a partner who could support me. I had been forced to quit traditional dancing a long time ago.

At that stage, I was lucky to meet an old friend who told me that he had started to practice Zhineng Qigong. He recommended me to try it as well. I did not expect much to happen but I wanted to give it a real try. I went to a weekend course in January 1997 and after that I participated regularly in group training every week. The first, and for me rather unexpected result, was that I felt mentally better. I felt stronger, happier and more self-secure. Even people around me have commented this and happily noticed this positive effect. I still had to do some movements sitting on a chair, but there was a clear improvement.

In 1997, I also attended my first summer course in Ellös. This was a wonderful experience and a lot of things happened in my body. One example was that I could stand up and practice. The most important thing that happened was that I understood the power of Zhineng Qigong and that I started to trust the method and Su Dong-Yue. When I got his help after a painful reaction, I realised that he takes this responsibility and that we have a safety net. For me, this trust was something big and important.

After years of getting worse and worse I suddenly felt that my situation had turned around and step by step I got a little better. I had got a tool and it was up to me to use it. The possibility of a back operation was not on my mind any more.

Now I have participated in many Qigong courses, for example five summer courses. I practice at home and together in a group and my life situation is getting better and better. Now I can do almost everything that I did before. 1.5 years ago I started to dance line-dance. (What a joy!) In the spring of 2003, I went skiing in the mountains for the first time in 13 years. (Incredible!) Now I'm planning to go hiking in the mountains in the autumn. (Wonderful!)

I think I'm going to continue to practice Zhineng Qigong for the rest of my life. There is no alternative.