Uta suffers from severe asthma

This text is the result of an interview with Uta Nettlich that was conducted in connection to the Shenxin Qigong Winter course in 2005.

I did not feel very well when I came here. I suffered a lot from my asthma, could barely keep my balance, had problems to straighten out my body and had a hard time to go upstairs. For the people around me it was easy to hear that I was there, especially because I breathed very forcefully. I did not lift my legs but rather dragged them behind me. I walked around like a hundred-year old person.

Prior to the training I thought I was going to have a chair next to me, train a little, sit a while and rest, and continue training some more. I could never have imagined that I would have the capacity to stand and train so much, thanks to the Qi-field. So I actually trained a lot and it went better than I had thought from the start. Day one I did not do everything that we were told to do, but from day to day I did more, and in the end I followed all the instructions.

I found it very demanding to bend down my body all the time to the floor. I did not quite reach the floor, but it was very good for my stomach muscles, which were completely untrained.

One evening I started to cough a lot. At last I started coughing up the phlegm that during a long period of time had got stuck deep down in my lungs and that obstructed my trachea and bronchi so much that I could barely breath. Previously, neither strong medicines nor inhaling exercises in a machine had helped me. Doing exercises at home had not proved to be effective either, but training so intensively in four days was sufficient to make my lungs much cleaner. It has given me a feeling of freedom and I am able to breathe better. I am also much clearer in my head now. The heavy feeling has disappeared to a great extent and it is easier to think better.

During the first year (after the project with the Asthma & Allergy Association in Stockholm in 1997), I trained very much. However, my training intensity has gotten less and less during the last couple of years, and now I realize that I have to train more, in order to keep a good quality of living. My medicines are not of any help. But it is not always easy. If you do not feel well, you have not got the same mental strength to start training.

Except for the effects I have talked about before, I can cross the small barrier in the middle of the training hall without having to hold the rail on the side. My balance is much better now, but I cannot stand on one foot (Uta tries and it works out well). Wow, I can stand one foot! Obviously I can do much more than I believe!

Uta Nettlich