Qigong freed Lena of her migraine.

My name is Lena and I started my journey with Zhineng Qigong by joining a Weekend Course on Åland in the Spring of 2001 together with a friend of mine who told me about the course.

I suffered from migraine which started in my twenties but at that time the attacks did not come very often, only about once a month. About fifteen years ago the attacks started to come more frequently, about five times and sometimes as often as fourteen times in one month. At first I got very sad and I thought "Oh, no! It's going to be one of those days again", but then I was given emergency pills which made things better, so I continued to take the pills. When the attacks would come I made a habit of taking those pills.

Lena Grönlund

The reason why I started out with Qigong is that I did not want my condition to control my life. I wanted to find another way to help myself. As I started to practise Qigong I found that I had more energy and I became calmer.

I have joined three Summer Courses by now and the results have come step by step. After my first Summer Course I had about three months' break without migraine but then the attacks started to return. After the second Summer Course there were no further attacks that whole year. It feels so peaceful now somehow, because I have been free from my migraine for such a long time. My life has changed completely and at my work, where I work with children, I am now more patient and I have greater calm, as well as practically no sick leave.

I also had problems with high pulse rate, at 110 beats per minute while resting, and with drug treatment it went down to 80 beats per minute. Then during my first Summer Course I tried stopping the drug treatment and with no medication it went down to 60 beats per minute. Now I am completely medicine free.

A completely new experience for me is the positive visual pictures which come to me just because I hear some word or some colour. I never imagined that life can be like that! On the whole I am a much happier person now than before I started to practise Qigong.

Lena Grönlund