The sisters Kerstin and Elsie practise Zhineng Qigong

Kerstin wrote in 1998:

I have scoliosis with a 25-degree curve to my spinal column, and I have had that since my teens. After a two-day course last Spring (in 1998) I found that my back had become more straight. Also a doctor discovered that I have become 2 centimetres taller.

I arrived at the Hamburgsund Summer Course in, what I consider to be, a rather good shape. The training went on from early morning to late evening. I had pain in my left shoulder and I discovered that I had it pulled up half way to my ear. After four days of training my shoulder was completely recovered. I let my doctor have a look at my shoulder and she was impressed. She said that it normally takes three or four weeks to recover with the usual methods. My back has been strengthened further and my right shoulder blade, which has always protruded, does not do that anymore. I also think that my posture is better and my body has reshaped itself a little. I feel as if I have gone through a thorough renovation and recharged my batteries.

Kerstin Serneblad

At the beginning of 2005 she said:

I have now completed eight Summer Courses and in the meantime I have succeeded in keeping up a regular training schedule, every day. At my work it is rather stressful at times. Along with my ordinary work I have participated in a number of projects carried out against the clock. Most of my work is done before a computer monitor. In spite of that I have managed to keep calm.

Rather a lot has happened during these years. One Autumn one of my heel tendons was partially torn, but that problem disappeared after the following Summer Course. I cured my tennis elbow myself through a lot of training. I always had this problem with my tailbone. I was not able to lay down from a sitting position since I felt like the tailbone was in the way. Nowadays I am able to roll down to a laying position.

I used to have problems with heartburn and pain in the pit of my stomach. The doctors told me that I had a slight case of chronic inflammation of the pylorus, but that has also disappeared.

This is a training method which I can really recommend. But it is hard work and you also get to practise your perseverance, patience and, last but not least, will power. All the results can not come at once but rather step by step as you gain more Qi. After all the positive things that have happened to me, I know that I have found the right thing for me to practise.

These are Elsie's words:

When I started out with Qigong it was mostly out of curiosity. My sister Kerstin had tried it and she thought it was good for sore neck muscles. That is true, it is a very fine cure for mine as well, after all that computer work.

In October, 1998 I was undergoing treatment for back pain which turned out to be slipped disks in two different parts of my back. At that time I did not attend the Evening Training during two weeks because the back was so painful. My left leg had very poor reflexes, so it would make me fall when walking in stairs. I did not think it would be possible to do Qigong with such poor sense of balance.

Elsie Thulin But my neck pain returned so I thought: "I will join the Qigong course anyway and do anything so long as it does not hurt. At least it will make my neck better." But after one hour's training I discovered that my back was free of pain! Four hours prior to that I took a painkiller, but they are usually effective for only three hours. That was odd.

Nowadays I do my training where ever I am if I start to get any pain in my back, down my leg or in my neck, and it makes me free of pain without any pills. That's just incredible!

During my holidays me and my husband often go on lengthy air plane trips and then I am able to stand in the air plane and do some forward, downward bends.

I feel like a Qigong addict. Thank you very much. Elsie Thulin.

Kerstin Serneblad & Elsie Thulin