Marianne keeps herself strong and vital

I first got in touch with European Zhineng Qigong Center in 1997 when i joined the first project with the Asthma and Allergy Association in Stockholm. I understood early on that Qigong was good for me and something that could help me a lot. I immediately noticed that the eczema around my eyes disappeared. Usually I got some eczema every autumn due to my allergies.

As a child i was told that i have scoliosis. When I started to practice I noticed how unbalaced I was. It was difficult for me to keep my balance while standing, I also suffered from pains from my waist towards my legs. My balance problems have disappeared completely today. The pains in my waist are as good as gone. Qi continues to work deeper and deeper. The more I practice the more my motivation increases things happen all the time in my body.

Generally my state of health has been improved. The improvements have happened step by step. I almost cannot remember wich problems I had when I started to practice. Of course I can not become 30 years old again, but Zhineng Qigong helps me to keep myself strong and vital.

The training has also affected me a lot mentally. Today I'm much calmer and see possibilities rather than problems. I think less, find it easier to release disturbing thoughts. I don't worry as much as before either. My sleeping needs has reduced since I sleep calmer and deeper. I have also noticed that I find it easier to fall asleep again if I should wake up during the night.

Marianne thinks it is important to practice daily I would like to emphasize the importance of the practice and especially daily practice. The results do come from the training. I practice every morning before I eat breakfast. When I do that I really do the training and don't put it up the whole day, witch makes it easy to skip the training. To practice at a certain time makes it easier to get a continuity. I have joined many summer courses and after each course I have got some good results. Had the results not been that good I would of course not have come back every year. It is also important to join the evening classes and to join the strong Qifield. When I go there I'm tired but when I go home I got my energy back.

The more I practice the more I understand. I understand better what Su Dongyue means when he says that the understanding comes from the training.

Marianne Marminge