Per's latest success

During the past year I have struggled on with my Qigong training, every day, I have joined practically every Weekend Course in Gothenburg, Evening Training at least once a week, the Winter Course in Bollnäs and The Summer Course in Kvänum for 18 days, and it was truly worth all the effort!

Today I walk without any walking aid. I left the stick in my car during the Summer Course and I have not used it since. At one time during the Summer Course I even took to spontaneous light running when I rushed back after a break. My double vision (diplopia), also a result of the illness, has now vanished completely.

The fine movements of my hands have improved a lot. I have full flexibility in my left hand and I feel no limitations when working before the computer, for instance. My right hand is still worse than the left one, but when compared to how it was, then it has improved incredibly much.

Per continues... I am back at my job and I work four hours four days a week, a schedule which allows me to practise a lot of Qigong. When I compare myself today with the worst state I was in, I feel as though I am fully recovered!

Of course I have a bit left to go but things are moving in the right direction all the time and I know that I am on the right path! So I continue my Qigong training with increased intensity, knowing that one day I will be there...

Per Kron

Gothenburg 2005-09-14

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